Orlando Fire Damage Attorneys

Orlando Fire Damage Attorney

Fire and smoke damage can be devastating for a family or business. The damage can ruin your personal belongings and valuables and make your home or business uninhabitable. Recovering from such a catastrophe is difficult, even if the damage is covered by your insurance policy. However, when your insurance company delays, denies or undervalues your fire damage claim, recovering is almost impossible.

As Orlando’s premier insurance claim attorneys, we’ve seen many clients shocked, angered and devastated by their insurance companies’ delays and denials and have been glad to be able to help them fight for what is rightfully theirs. We have helped our clients recover millions in property insurance, personal injury and commercial litigation matters and want to help you collect the maximum amount possible.

If your Florida fire damage insurance claim has been denied, delayed or undervalued, please contact the experienced insurance claim attorneys at Malik Law. We understand what a difficult time this is and will help you fight the insurance company to get the payment you deserve.

Fire Damage in Orlando

Fire damage can be caused by many different occurrences, including:

  • Electronic malfunctions
  • Cooking accidents
  • Unattended candles
  • Improperly extinguished cigarettes
  • Lightening
  • Spreading wildfires
  • Combustion from improperly stored chemicals
  • Arson

Whatever the cause, the damage can be extensive.  In addition to structures and items that get burned or charred are those that are damaged by smoke, ash, water and fire fighters. Smoke and ash can ruin items and make an entire building or large parts of a building uninhabitable. Water used to fight the fire or water that enters the home after the fire can do additional damage to walls, floors and items inside a building and often leads to dangerous mold growth. Finally, fire fighters may also destroy walls, windows, doors and floors as they work to put out a fire.

What to Do When Your Orlando Home or Business is Damaged by Fire

Home and business owners should file a claim with their insurance companies as soon as possible after a fire occurs. To do so, you will have to compile a list of damaged items and an estimated valuation. Having pictures of the damage as well as receipts and dates of purchase for items is always helpful.

Your insurance company will typically send a claims adjuster to assess the damage and estimate the cost of repairs. However, it is a good idea to have your own independent contractor also provide an estimate of the cost of repairs so you have leverage for negotiating with the insurance company. Even if little to no fire damage is visible, it may benefit you to have a damage assessment done, since heat can damage roofs, windows, and walls in ways that may not be visible or obvious but can be dangerous and costly.

What to Do When Your Fire Damage Insurance Claim Is Denied, Delayed, or Undervalued

If your insurance company does not offer you a satisfactory settlement, unreasonably delays your payment or denies payment altogether, contact Malik Law for assistance. We will examine your policy and your claim to determine the damages you should receive and then negotiate with your insurance company to settle your claim satisfactorily. If they do not offer a satisfactory settlement, we will fight in court to get you the payment you deserve.

Insurance companies notoriously use various tactics to lowball or deny payments, including delaying payments so that policyholders will settle for less than they deserve. The good news is that we won’t be tricked or intimidated, and insurance companies know that. For example, while homeowners are typically unsuccessful when appealing a denied claim, insurance companies will more readily change a denial when we pressure them to do so.

Furthermore, we will examine your policy to see if your claim was denied or underpaid due to an ambiguity in your policy or something intentionally misleading. If something has not been clearly expressed in your policy or if you have been misled by your insurance company, we will make sure the company honors your claim and, if warranted, is penalized for misleading consumers.

Our Experienced Orlando Insurance Claim Attorneys Will Provide Expert Help with Your Fire Damage Claim

Filing a claim for fire damage can be very complicated and overwhelming. We know from experience how difficult dealing with insurance companies can be and want to help you get paid fairly for the damage to your property.

We can help no matter what stage of the claims process you’re in. We can answer questions about your policy and the claims process, help you submit a thorough claim, argue with insurance claims adjusters on your behalf, negotiate a top settlement for you, or take your insurance claim to court if your insurance company continues to deny you full compensation for covered damage.

Experienced Orlando Fire Damage Claim Attorneys

Malik Law, PA is one of Florida’s premier insurance litigation law firms. We provide personalized, high quality legal representation for homeowners, business owners and injury victims seeking justice. We have helped clients throughout Florida recover millions of dollars from insurance companies and want to help you obtain the payment you deserve.

For expert advice and quality service you can rely on, call us, chat online with us, or submit the Free Case Evaluation form on our website. We offer free consultations and will handle your case on a contingency basis, meaning you do not pay us until we obtain compensation for your claim.