Orlando Travel Insurance AttorneyTravel insurance policies vary in the types of events they cover; however, standard policies typically cover trip cancellations or interruptions for events outside of your control. This includes things such as illness or injury of the people traveling or a non-traveling family member, threatening weather, an act of terrorism and natural disasters.

Problems with travel insurance policies occur when people make claims for events that insurance companies deem foreseeable and therefore, not out of your control, or are excluded from coverage. These problems are particularly pronounced during epidemics when stay-at-home orders, cancelled flights, and concerns about your health prompt you to change your travel plans.

If you are having problems with your travel insurance company or have questions about your travel insurance policy and your best course of action, consulting with an experienced travel insurance attorney is in your best interest. The insurance claim attorneys of Malik Law have many years of experience helping Florida residents get the payments they deserve from their insurance companies and will gladly put their expertise to work helping you.


What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance policies usually cover trip cancellations or interruptions due to illness or injury, death, natural disasters, inclement weather conditions, and acts of terrorism. If such an event occurs and your trip is interrupted or cancelled, your travel insurance may cover your prepaid expenses, medical care, and luggage protection. However, coverage varies from policy to policy, so you need to read yours carefully to understand what is and is not covered.

Typically, if a specific type of event is not listed in your policy, then it is not covered. This is particularly relevant when dealing with COVID-19 or other epidemic-related cancellations. Standard travel insurance policies do not provide coverage if you choose not to travel because of COVID-19 fears or concerns. However, if you, a traveling companion, or a family member has contracted COVID-19 and you have to cancel your trip, you may be covered under a standard policy. Some policies contain pandemic exclusions, however, so referring to your individual policy and getting advice from an experienced insurance claim attorney is in your best interest.


What Is “Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) Insurance?

CFAR insurance is different from travel insurance and more expensive, but is often offered to travelers for added protection. Unlike standard travel insurance that covers only unforeseeable events, CFAR insurance covers canceling a trip for any reason. Specific exclusions may, however, apply, so you need to read the specific clauses of your policy to understand what, if any, types of events are possibly not covered.


How Can a Florida Insurance Claim Attorney Help with Travel Insurance Claims?

As leading insurance claim attorneys in the Orlando area, the lawyers of Malik Law are uniquely positioned to help you settle your travel insurance claims satisfactorily or, if necessary, fight for a fair payment in court. We understand how profit-seeking insurance companies work and know how to negotiate fair settlements and litigate for justice.

We also know how problematic it is to have to cancel a trip and think you should not be doubly burdened by having to navigate difficult procedures and communications for filing and collecting on a claim. We’ve helped hundreds of Floridians obtain the payment they deserve from their insurance companies and want to put our know-how and experience to work helping you.

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