Orlando Water Damage AttorneysAs Floridians, we’re all too familiar with wind and water damage from hurricanes and tropical storms. We’re also well aware of the problems many of us have in dealing with our insurance companies and collecting the funds we need to make necessary repairs to our property.

Unfortunately, the same kind of issues can occur for homeowners trying to collect payment for water damage that occurred as a result of a leaking roof, burst pipe, extinguishing a fire, or other factors inside your home. That’s why it’s good to know what to do in case your home is damaged by water.

The experienced Florida insurance claim attorneys at Malik Law can answer your questions about water damage and your insurance policy. We can help you file a water damage claim and get the settlement you need to make all necessary repairs.


If Your Home Has Been Damaged by Water

The first thing you need to do after your home has been damaged by water is to try to stop the flow of water and notify your insurance company that damage has occurred. If you can, take pictures of the damaged area and items.

You can also try removing water that has collected and start drying the wet areas. This can be difficult and require help from a water extraction company, but getting the water out of your home is important, since the longer water is there, the more damage it can cause. If you hire a water extraction company, be sure to keep the receipt for when you file your water damage claim. Also, do not make any other repairs or throw out any damaged property until the damage has been fully assessed and documented by the insurance adjuster.


Filing a Water Damage Claim

You should notify your insurance company about the water damage as soon as possible so you can begin the claims process. Reviewing your insurance policy is also a good idea so that you are aware of what your coverage for water damage entails.

Keep in mind that standard homeowner’s policies do not cover damage from water that has been on the ground. Such damage is considered flood damage and requires a separate flood insurance policy. Also, your policy could have other exclusions, such as not covering damage from water that has been in the home for 14 days or more.

As suggested, water damage claims can be very complicated. You need to describe the cause and extent of damage very clearly, since your insurance company can deny your claim if you do not explicitly indicate that the damage occurred due to a covered cause. Even when the damage resulted from situations covered by your policy, your insurance company could refuse to pay for repairs if the water caused additional damage such as mold or decay.

In cases such as this, you’d be wise to seek help from our team of experienced insurance claim attorneys. We have fought and won many water damage cases and can help you obtain the insurance settlement you need.


Settling Water Damage Claims

After your water damage claim is processed, your insurance company has 15 days to either accept or reject the claim. If the claim is accepted, they have 5 business days to issue payment. If your insurance company rejects your claim, they must explain their reasons in writing.

When your water damage claim is denied, undervalued, or delayed, getting help from the experienced insurance claim attorneys at Malik Law is in your best interest. We know the tactics insurance companies use to deny claims or reduce the payment amount and will fight to get you the compensation you need. Our skilled negotiators and litigators will work aggressively on your behalf.


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