Orlando Roof Damage Insurance Claim Attorneys

Orlando Roof Damage Insurance Claim Attorneys
How Can a Florida Insurance Claim Attorney Help Me Get My Roof Replaced?
January 30, 2020
Orlando Roof Damage Insurance Claim Attorneys
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March 23, 2020
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Orlando Roof Damage Insurance Claim Attorneys

Orlando Roof Damage Insurance Claim AttorneysStrong winds and flying debris during storms can damage your home’s roof in different ways. Shingles can be blown off or damaged, leaks can occur, gutters can be damaged, and the interior of your home can be exposed to the elements. Roofs can also be damaged by falling tree limbs and hail. Regardless of how and where the damage occurs, it is very important to get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your home.

When their roofs are damaged, most homeowners contact their insurance companies, expecting that their policies cover repair or replacement costs. Their expectations may be met in some cases; however, in far too many instances, Florida homeowners are unpleasantly surprised and disappointed when their roof damage claims are delayed, underpaid, or flat out denied.

To handle these troubling situations effectively, it’s important to have an experienced, skilled attorney fighting for your rights. The insurance claim attorneys of Malik Law have helped numerous Florida homeowners receive the roof damage payment they need to repair their roofs satisfactorily. We are committed to helping you collect all that is rightfully yours.

How Florida Insurance Companies Handle Roof Damage Claims

Replacing a roof is very expensive, so most insurance companies have written exclusions and/or limits into policies so they can deny or underpay roof damage claims. For example, depending on your policy and the age of your roof, your insurance company may offer to pay for repair but not replacement or pay for replacement at actual cash value, given depreciation of your roof, rather than replacement value. They may also claim that your roof was damaged by normal wear, tear and aging, not by a covered event or that your roof is beyond the age limit for covered damage.

Another common tactic to deny policyholders’ roof damage claims is to say that the roof was deficient before the damaging event occurred. If your insurance company’s assessment of the damage revealed what they consider pre-existing deficiencies in your roof, such as substandard materials, faulty installation, low-quality repairs, or negligent maintenance, they may try to deny your claim on this basis. In cases such as these, your insurance company will most likely claim that deficiencies in materials and/or workmanship and possibly, your neglect, led to the damage.

Insurance carriers may also deny a roof damage claim by saying that the damage is not significant. They may believe that the damage is only cosmetic, not structural, or they may believe that the cost to repair your roof would be less than your deductible. Unfortunately, their inspection could have missed underlying damage and their assessment of the damage and cost to repair could be grossly understated.

What to Do if Your Roof Damage Claim Has Been Delayed, Underpaid, or Denied

Your insurance company might delay your roof damage claim, thinking you will accept a low settlement after waiting for an extended period of time to receive payment, or they might underpay or deny your claim for a variety of reasons. Some of these could be legitimate reasons, but many are not.

If your claim has been delayed, underpaid or denied and there doesn’t seem to be a legitimate reason, you do not have to accept your insurance carrier’s rationale, offer of a low payment, or denial. You can dispute their decision and fight for the payment you deserve. Whether it’s a disagreement over the terms of your policy, the cause of the damage, the extent of damage, or the insurance company’s unfair business practices, an experienced Florida insurance claim attorney can help you understand your rights and fight for the payment you deserve.

The Experienced Florida Roof Damage Insurance Claim Attorneys of Malik Law Will Help You Win

Malik Law, one of Florida’s leading insurance litigation law firms, provides personalized, high quality legal representation for homeowners and injury victims seeking justice. The experienced, skilled attorneys of Malik Law have helped clients recover millions of dollars from insurance companies and want to help you obtain the payment you deserve.

For expert advice and personalized service, call us, chat online with us, or submit the Free Case Evaluation form on our website.

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