What Will Happen to PIP?
Orlando Car Accidents and Injuries
January 16, 2018
What Will Happen to PIP?
Will Orlando Drivers Need Bodily Injury Liability Insurance?
March 7, 2018
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What Will Happen to PIP?

In 2019, we could see the end of PIP in Florida.  Last month the Florida House of Representatives voted 88-15 to do away with our no-fault car insurance law, and the Senate is not far behind.

What Does No PIP Mean for Florida?

Ending the PIP requirement will mean the end of an era.  The requirement that drivers have $10,000 in personal injury protection coverage has been the law for almost 40 years.

Ending the requirement also means we’ll be ending our stint as one of only two states that doesn’t require drivers to buy bodily-injury liability insurance to cover injuries to others. Without PIP, Florida drivers will need bodily-injury liability insurance.

PIP’s Limitations on the Recovery of Damages

Repeal of the No-Fault Law might also do away with current limitations on the recovery of damages for pain and suffering due to an automobile accident.  Currently, automobile accident victims have to use their PIP insurance, which pays only 80%, for medical expenses and their own health insurance to pay the rest.  They can collect 60% of their lost wages if they are injured and disabled, but only up to $10,000.

Also under the current law, car accident victims can only sue for damages when they are significantly and permanently injured or a family member is killed.  Repealing PIP could end this obstacle to justice and fair compensation for people who are seriously injured in automobile accidents.  Automobile accident attorneys will be able help them recover damages for their pain, suffering, and loss.

Changes without PIP

In addition to helping accident injury victims recover damages for their pain and suffering and get compensated fairly, repealing Florida’s PIP law could help drivers save money.  Right now we pay among the country’s highest rates for car insurance with the lowest required coverage amounts.

Repeal would get rid of the level of coverage required for our own emergency medical care after an accident but require liability coverage to cover people in other vehicles.  Instead of PIP paying for emergency care, MedPay (if included in new legislation) or the at-fault driver’s liability insurance would pay.

Experienced Florida Automobile Accident and Insurance Attorneys

Until the Florida Senate and House both approve legislation repealing our No-Fault Insurance Law, we still have to deal with PIP and its limitations.  However, if you have questions about your current coverage or if you or a family member has been seriously injured in a car accident and need legal advice on your options for recovering damages, please call our office at 407-500-1000 or submit our online form.

At Malik Law, we specialize in personal injury and insurance law and have helped clients throughout Central Florida deal with insurance companies and expenses after serious automobile accidents.

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Imran Malik
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