When You’ve Been Hurt in Florida on Someone Else’s Property

When You’ve Been Hurt in Florida on Someone Else’s Property
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July 4, 2014
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Orlando Premise Liability AttorneyWhen you visit someone’s home, office, or place of business in Orlando, you should be able to expect that reasonable care has been taken to protect you from dangerous situations.  Unfortunately, all too often in Florida, this is not the case.  People get injured every day due to lack of good lighting and other security measures in parking lots, obstructions on stairways and in stores, slippery conditions on floors, poorly constructed merchandise displays, uneven sidewalks, and unsafe pools and amusement rides.

Injuries due to a property owner or property manager’s negligence can be very painful and difficult to deal with.  Experienced premises liability attorneys understand this painful, difficult situation and can help you determine the best course of action.

Understanding Your Orlando Premises Liability Case

Under Florida law, property owners and property occupiers are responsible for keeping their property free of hazards.  This includes making sure parking lots are well lit, sidewalks do not have hazardous cracks, pools are enclosed, slippery liquid spills and other potentially dangerous materials are cleaned up as quickly as possible, potentially dangerous animals are secured, and potentially dangerous machinery is not accessible.

If you are injured due to negligent maintenance in Orlando, the property owner, occupier, or tenant can be held liable.  For example, if you slip and fall in a grocery store or any other business or commercial enterprise, the owner of the business could be legally responsible for your injuries, including your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and past and future lost wages.

If you have suffered an injury while visiting someone else’s property in Orlando, consulting with an experienced Florida premises liability attorney is your best course of action, since knowing if you have a case, who is liable, and what the statute of limitations is can be very complicated.

Having a Successful Premises Liability Case

To succeed in a Florida premises liability case, you have to prove that you were injured due to the property owner’s, property controller’s, or tenant’s negligence.  That means you have to show that the responsible party knew or should have known about the dangerous condition that led to your injury and that he/she/they failed to address, repair and/or warn visitors to the property of the dangerous condition.

In most cases, property owners can only be held liable for injuries caused by hazardous conditions that they were aware of or had reason to know about, not for conditions they could not reasonably be expected to know about.  They also cannot be held liable for injuries incurred on their property if you are trespassing, unless they (the property controller) intentionally or recklessly injures you) or you are a child.

Florida’s Attractive Nuisance Doctrine applies to children injured while trespassing on someone else’s property.  According to the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine, property owners/controllers are liable for injuries to trespassing children if the injury was caused by something on the property that could be viewed as attractive or enticing to children, such as a swimming pool, hot tub, trampoline, or old appliance, and children are known to come or could be expected to come onto the property.  Under Florida law, the property owner/controller should take reasonable steps, such as putting up high fences and locking gates, to protect children from the potential danger on their property.

Succeeding with a premises liability case requires a thorough understanding of the law and experience in helping injured clients gather and present supporting evidence.  Start by contacting a trusted Orlando personal injury attorneys with experience in premises liability law.  Let him help you complete all the necessary requirements to file a successful claim and help you get compensated justly for your injury, pain and suffering.

Call Malik Law P.A. at 407-500-1000 or contact us online to talk with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney and get started on your successful premises liability case.

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