Orlando Defective Product AttorneysDefective products can be dangerous to consumers because they do not function in the way that is advertised. Consumers may be injured or may become ill as a result of defective products. Consumers that have been harmed by defective products may be able to seek legal action against parties involved in the design, manufacture, packaging, or sale of defective products. There are many different types of products that can be defective, and the affects of defects may vary widely.

Automobile Defects

Automobiles have the potential to cause great injury or even death when defects alter the intended function. Automobiles are large, heavy, and capable of traveling at high speeds, all of which increase the likelihood and severity of injuries resulting from defects. Automobile also have a large number of accessories that may malfunction and cause injuries.

Examples of automobile defects that may cause injuries include:

  • Malfunctioning airbags
  • Faulty steering components
  • Improper wiring that may cause electrical surges and burns
  • Ignition slips
  • Poor quality wheels that are prone to breakage
  • Failing seats or seat backs
  • Poor quality safety belts that break or malfunction

Food Product Contamination

If food is contaminated, it may cause a large number of consumers to become ill. Food contamination is usually considered negligence on the part of the distribution company. Victims may be able to base a case against the company on a failure to follow laws regarding sanitation. Attorneys can help victims with gathering evidence to support these claims.

Clothing Defects

If clothing is marketed as safety gear for fires, temperature resistance, slip resistance, or other safety uses and does not perform as advertised consumers may become injured. Clothing companies may also be liable if substances or materials which are used during manufacturing harm consumers. Clothing companies must also ensure that clothing is free from foreign objects which may cause harm.

Chemical Labeling Issues

Chemicals may cause burns, allergic reactions, and poisoning in some cases. Companies which manufacture and distribute chemicals have a responsibility to warn customers of the side effects and risks associated with chemicals. Companies must also clearly label chemicals so that customers do not unknowingly mix chemicals which cause adverse reactions.

Medical Product Malfunctions

Patients depend on medical devices to be safe and accurate. Medical product defects may cause a range of different injuries and complications, depending on the patient needs. Diabetes product defects, blood pressure monitor defects, and defects in similar monitoring and treatment devices for chronic conditions may cause patients to be unaware of life threatening situations. Defective medical products may also be present in medical facilities. An attorney can help patients distinguish between medical malpractice claims and claims against medical product manufacturers or distributors.

Recreational Equipment Defects

There are many different types of recreational products and equipment. Roller coasters, sporting goods, toys, and swing sets are just a few that may cause serious injuries or fatalities when defective. Product manufacturers owe a duty of care to consumers to ensure that all products are free of defects and are safe for consumer use. Product manufacturers must also provide instructions and usage recommendations so that customers do not become injured by using the products or equipment incorrectly.

Machinery Malfunctions

Machinery can cause severe injuries and fatalities when malfunctions occur. Most machinery comes with safeguards to protect consumers from the machinery while it is being used, as even regular use and function may present certain dangers to consumers. Failing safeguards or defects in the function of machinery may cause injuries such as burns, lacerations, broken bones, and crushing injuries to victims.

Defective Product Lawsuits Florida

When defective products cause consumers to become injured, attorneys may be able to seek compensation for victims. Product liability lawsuits are the most common type of legal action taken to recover medical costs and other expenses associated with defective products. Experienced product liability attorneys will be able to provide advice and assistance with compiling evidence to support claims.




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