Settlements & Testimonials

Settlements we have attained:

$2,900,000.00 for contractors / advising

$1,147,961.95 for a commercial fire loss

$975,000.00 for contractors / advising

$700,000.00 for personal injury

$200,000.00 for a bullying case

$100,000.00 for a motor vehicle accident

$147,000.00 for a bicycle injury

$150,000.00 for a motorcycle accident

$75,000.00 for homeowner at trial


Testimonials from our satisfied clients:

“We lost our home to a fire in the summer of 2015. I had a 12 week old baby and a toddler at the time of the loss. Dealing with insurance, contractors, and just the complete unknown during such a tragedy was more than our family could handle. After our first consultation with Imran, I felt like a thousand pounds had been lifted off our shoulders. He explained our policy thoroughly to us- ensuring that we knew exactly what we were entitled to and how to maximize our benefits during this time of loss. When things became more difficult and our insurance company refused to fulfill certain areas of the policy, Imran stepped in and handled everything so gracefully. He was able to get us our full insurance policy maximum- all while maintaining professionalism but ensuring us that he would be relentless in fighting for us. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have had such a successful and strong attorney in our corner during one of our largest times of need. Thank you, Imran, you are truly amazing at what you do.”

“Very professional, warm and understanding.. never promised us more than what was possible.. He told it how it was and did everything possible to give us the best representation. He delivered and we are so happy friends recommended him.”

“Imran Malik is not just an outstanding attorney, he is an unbelievable human being who goes above and beyond what is necessary to help you. He was incredibly meticulous in making sure everything got taken care of correctly and on time. When I was not in the best place, I will never forget what he said to me when my case was about to start, he said “Don’t worry, we will get through this together.” It’s that sense of character that Imran has that separates him from the rest as one of the best attorneys I know. He will be my first recommendation to anyone who needs a top of the line attorney at law. Thank you Imran, for everything you’ve done.”