Florida Storm Damage During Hurricane Season 2019

Florida Storm Damage During Hurricane Season 2019
What to Do When Your Florida Home Insurance Claim is Denied
May 8, 2019
Florida Storm Damage During Hurricane Season 2019
Preparing for the 2019 Florida Hurricane Season
June 14, 2019
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Florida Storm Damage During Hurricane Season 2019

Florida Storm Damage During Hurricane Season 2019According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Floridians can expect an average hurricane season this year. Compared to the 2017 and 2018 seasons, with major hurricanes taking hundreds of lives and causing billions of dollars in damage, average is good.  However, when we’re talking about hurricane season, average still means major losses and damage.

An average hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 to November 30, has 12 named storms, six hurricanes, and three major hurricanes.  The predictions for this year are slightly above average, including 14 named storms, seven of which are hurricanes, with three of those being major hurricanes (category 3 to 5).

Unfortunately, during this “average” hurricane season, we can expect damage from tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes.  Extreme winds, storm surge, inland flooding, and tornadoes associated with these storms can destroy buildings and create extremely unsafe conditions.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the kind of property damage that typically happens due to these storms and problems that can occur when trying to get repair or replacement costs paid by your insurance company.


Florida Wind Damage Claims

Winds from a hurricane or tropical storm can literally destroy commercial buildings and homes. Entire roofs or sections of a roof can be blown away, leaving a building and its contents exposed to the destructive power of the wind and rain. Trees or tree limbs can come crashing into buildings, leaving gaping holes in structures, and construction materials, signs, outdoor furniture, fencing, and other things we normally leave outside can become dangerous flying missiles.

Florida property owners generally believe their insurance policies will cover the cost of repairs to their property or replacement of structures and items that can’t be repaired.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Insurance companies may try to underpay you for the damage or deny your wind damage claim altogether. If this happens to you, an experienced insurance claim attorney from Malik Law may be able to help you obtain the payment you need to repair or replace your property satisfactorily.


Damage from Storm Surge

High winds are not the only cause of damage in Florida during hurricane season. The high winds can cause the water around the state to rise to dangerous levels, creating a hazard known as storm surge. Huge waves and storm surge have historically taken many lives and destroyed buildings, beaches, and other recreational and natural habitats up and down the coast.

People who own property in Florida’s coastal areas are required to have flood insurance that should cover the cost of repairing the structural damage to buildings and other structures. However, these property owners may also find that their insurance companies delay payment, try to underpay them, or find reasons to deny their claims.

If this is the case, working with a skilled storm damage attorney can help you recover the funds you need to repair your property or replace your losses satisfactorily. The experienced insurance claim attorneys at Malik Law will use their knowledge of the law and insurance companies’ tactics to pressure your insurance company into honoring your claim.


Property Damage from Inland Flooding

The heavy rains associated with hurricanes and other tropical storms also cause what we commonly refer to as “inland flooding.” Inland waterways and sewer systems can flood during torrential rainstorms, causing property damage over a widening area for several days after the storm is over.

Collecting payment for water damage after a hurricane or tropical storm can be tricky because of exclusions in insurance policies. Damage from water that has been on the ground is considered flooding and is not covered by Florida homeowners’ insurance policies.  Damage from water that enters the insured property because of wind damage to the roof, for example, should be covered by regular policies, but legitimate water damage claims are often denied.

If this happens, be sure to contact our office.  The experienced Orlando water damage attorneys at Malik Law know the strategies insurance companies use to deny legitimate water damage claims and have negotiated fair settlements and won lawsuits for our clients.


Property Damage from Florida Tornadoes

Tornadoes often accompany tropical storms and hurricanes. They are especially dangerous because of the high winds that occur away from the main storm.

Florida’s high-tech tracking and warning systems are very effective at predicting tornadoes’ occurrence and paths. However, because tornadoes form and gather strength so quickly, many property owners are totally unprepared for the devastation they cause.

Although homeowners’ insurance policies cover wind damage, some homeowners are dismayed to find out that their insurance company has tried to underpay or deny their claims on the basis that they did not take the necessary precautions to prevent damage or they made an error when filing the claim.  In these cases, the knowledgeable storm damage attorneys at Malik Law can help you appeal your insurance company’s denial and fight for the repair and replacement payment that is rightfully yours.


Chose Malik Law for Help with Your Florida Insurance Claims

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