car accident injuries in FloridaVictims of car accidents can sustain many different types of injuries that may vary in severity. Injuries can be caused by bodily impact with parts of the vehicle or by contact with damaged glass or metal. Injuries can also be caused by ejection from the vehicle or contact with objects outside of the vehicle. Some car accident injuries are more frequently seen due to the similarity in vehicle structure and positioning of the driver and passengers within a vehicle.

Car Accident Injuries

Being seated closest to the point of impact usually results in the most severe car accident injuries. Where on the car the point of impact occurs may also have bearing on the types and severity of injuries sustained as well. A number of other factors, such as how the passenger was positioned when the crash occurred, whether safety belts were being worn, whether the car was equipped with air bags, and the speed of both vehicles at the time of the collision may also impact the type and severity of injuries.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are the most common type of car accident injuries. A soft tissue injury is damage to body tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Whiplash, sprains, and other injuries of this nature may be caused by the force of the impact. Car airbags may also cause soft tissue injuries to the muscles and tendons of the neck and shoulders.


Another very common type of car accident injury is a laceration. Lacerations are often caused by unsecured objects that move about the vehicle following a collision. Lacerations may also be caused by broken glass or metal from the damaged vehicle. Lacerations may heal without treatment or may require stitches to heal, depending on the depth and size of the wound. If lacerations are very deep, nerves and tissue may be damaged and can require surgery and therapy. Lacerations may also cause scarring that requires reconstructive surgery to correct.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are often the result of impact or crushing incidents during a car accident. Broken fingers, toes, vertebrae, and wrists are very common due to the frailty of these bones. Broken arms are also very common because victims often instinctively shield the body using the arms when involved in an accident. Broken bones may require an immobilizing cast or sling to set the bone and physical therapy to restore range of motion once the bone has healed. If the bone has pierced through skin and tissue, it is considered a compound fracture and may require surgery and antibiotics in addition to physical therapy and immobilizing supports.

Spine and Neck Injuries

Spine and neck injuries may affect the nerves that control sensation and movement throughout the body. In some cases, spine and neck injuries from car accidents can cause paralysis in parts of the body. In many cases, these injuries are not immediately apparent due to the shock that is often experienced in the immediate aftermath of a car accident.

Internal Injuries

Car accidents may cause internal injuries to organs such as the spleen, kidneys, lungs, heart, or bowels. These injuries may be the result of traumatic impact or puncture injuries. Internal injuries usually take time to present symptoms and may be life-threatening when symptoms appear. It is important for victims to seek immediate medical treatment following a car accident in which internal injuries may have occurred.

Head and Facial Injuries

Head and facial injuries are often severe, and may result in brain damage and disfigurement. Injuries to the face or head may damage the ears, eyes, nose, or mouth, which can affect the senses of hearing, sight, smell, or taste as well as the victim’s ability to speak and function normally. Head and facial injuries often require more costly and time consuming treatment than other types of car accident injuries.

Effects of Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries may affect a victim’s ability to earn a living and take care of daily needs. When coupled with the necessary medical care for treatment, car accident injuries can be life altering for victims. Financial hardship and physical struggles are two of the common effects of car accidents. A personal injury attorney may be able to help victims recover compensation for costs incurred from car accidents that were caused by the negligence of another driver.




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